About Mahantech Corporation and WinfoGlobal Technologies

Mahantech Corporation and WinfoGlobal Technologies have joined together to create a single international source for all of your information technology needs.

Who we are

Mahantech Corporation, based in Charleston, WV, U.S.A., has been providing IT-related services to clients across the United States for over twenty years. Clients such as Phillips, Pitney Bowles, Kaiser Permanente, and the State of West Virginia have utilized Mahantech to supply top consultants and services that have benefited both private and government sectors with a focus on efficiency, quality, and service.

WinfoGlobal Technologies, based in Bangalore, India, has been providing IT solutions to the business community in India for years, with consultants and projects spread across India’s IT Metros – Bangalore, New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

The joining of the two companies now provides clients with an expanded service offering that leverages the top talent working in the industry along with the latest in technological innovations in order to best fulfill the unique needs of your industry, helping increase productivity, efficiency, and growth.

Whether your company or organization is based in the United States or India, Mahantech Corp. and WinfoGlobal Technologies are able to give you the best information technology services, skills, and solutions that are necessary to excel in today’s digital economy.

Services and solutions provided by our consultants include:

  • Business Process Services
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Enterprise Architecture Services
  • Mobile and Handheld Device Application Development
  • Healthcare Management Solution Development and Management
  • RxDataTrack CSAPP Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Software Solution
  • Software Development
  • IT Infrastructure Development and Management
  • Many Other IT-Related Services and Solutions

The combined talents and capabilities of Mahantech Corporation and WinfoGlobal Technologies can provide your organization with services and solutions that are flexible enough to meet all of your individual needs, regardless of geographic location or whether you are a private corporation or government agency.

If your organization has information technology needs, why not ensure that you are utilizing the top talents and technologies available in order to get the best results?

To speak with us about how Mahantech and WinfoGlobal can best serve you, please contact us at either our U.S. or India locations. We look forward to using our skills and resources in the information technology field to help your organization succeed and grow.