What we offer ?

iSkool :

iSkool is an end to end Education Practice Management System (EPMS) that is committed to revolutionize the education system and let institutions to focus more on their core objectives of education. iSkool provides the institutions with the following benefits that can simplify their administration process and help them in achieving their priorities and commitments.


iKollege is an enterprise class robust, secure, scalable and high available Practice Management System deployed in Software as a Service model (SaaS). Robust Integrated Automation software for college management covering all functional areas and operations of educational institutes. iKollege is not a software that needs to be installed in the premises. It is completely web based and to access your account of iKollege, all you need is a computer and an internet connection just like the way you access your e-mails.

Traffic Violation Alert System (T-VAS)

This system assists the Law Enforcement Agencies to track the traffic violations with great ease. The system uses the state of the art technologies to track the habitual offenders and aid the Traffic personnel in minimizing violations. The Police capture the images of the Traffic violation instance on the specialized system. The system automatically uploads the picture of the violation to a central server, along with the GPS co-ordinates and the date and time stamp. The server analyzes the image and extracts the vital information in violation, and identifies the violator and sends warning messages. The system also keeps track of the number of violations. The Traffic enforcement department in turn can suspend the license and impound the automobile.

Salient features of the system:

  • Automatic Image Capture and Transmission with the click of a button
  • GPS and image recognition technologies to extract vital information of violations
  • Control Centre has access to all violations instantly